Recap BIG BANG Health 2023

More than 140 Top-Speakers took part in last years BG BANG HEALTH Featival. Keynotes, Paneltalks, Masterclasses, Live-Musik and a wide range of Networking oppourtinities awaited those present at the event. Our three stages focused on topics surrounding digitalization, cancer, sustainability and supply-chains. 

Digitalization is seen as the key to a healthier future. New technologies are making processes in healthcare facilities more efficient, patients more informed, diagnoses more precise and therapies more individually fitted and therefore more promising.
Therefore, the BIG BANG HEALTH Festival could not miss out on the tech topic of the year: Artificial intelligence and ChatGPT.
Professor Dr. Christoph Schöbel from the Ruhrlandklinik and Dr. Anke Diehl were among those who spoke about the potential offered by new technologies in treatment processes. As CTO of the Essen University Hospital, Dr. Anke Diehl is steering the clinic's development into a smart hospital. Meanwhile Schöbel is developing new approaches to sleep medicine, his aim being to counteract sleep disorders using digital methods.
Despite all the opportunities offered by new technologies, it is important not to lose sight of humans and their humanity. This is why Sophia Neisinger, a doctor at Berlin's Charité hospital, and Dr. Markus Schlobohm, CIO of Techniker Krankenkasse, spoke about how technology and humanity can be reconciled in medicine. 

In order for processes in the healthcare system to become more efficient and save resources, all service providers need to be networked. However, there is currently still room for improvement, as Dr. Andreas Gassen, Chairman of the Board of the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians, pointed out in his keynote speech on cross-sector care.
Comprehensive care for patients requires more than just doctors. BIG BANG HEALTH is therefore just as much about questions, not least focused on demographic change: How can the nursing profession become more attractive for the younger generations? And how can interprofessional collaboration between all healthcare professions be improved? Sabine Brase is also concerned about this. As Managing Director of the Ernst von Bergmann Hospital in Potsdam, she is responsible for the "Nursing - Education - Future" division.
Mark Steinbach, Managing Director of the opta data Group, outlines the role of healthcare professions in the digitalization of the healthcare system.
The following topics were also discussed at BIG BANG HEALTH: How can patient safety be improved? And what characterizes effective and empathetic patient communication?

Every year, around 500,000 people in Germany are newly diagnosed with cancer. Talking openly about the illness is no longer taboo.
We are delighted to welcome Professor Dr. Wolfram Gössling to the BIG BANG HEALTH Festival. He works at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston and also heads a study program at Harvard Medical School. The oncologist and cancer researcher was himself diagnosed with cancer twice. He will talk about how his experiences as a patient have changed his view as a doctor.
Live on stage, TV presenter Dany Michalski will also talk about her cancer - as will Jörg A. Hoppe. The music manager and TV producer founded the yeswecan!cer initiative after his recovery.
Hoppe will not be attending BIG BANG HEALTH alone, but will be accompanied by two yeswecan!cer employees: Anja Laskowski has cancer herself and Yvonne Rode is a relative of someone who has cancer. The topic of their talk: "Digitalization kills - your cancer!". Hoppe and his colleagues are campaigning for a patient right to use data in order to improve cancer treatment.
Additionally, Molecular Health founder Dr. Friedrich von Bohlen, the physician, scientist and bestselling author Professor Dr. Dietrich Grönemeyer and Professor Dr. Wolfram Gössling, among others, will discuss how cancer therapy is changing due to advances in research and what untapped potential there is in prevention and treatment in a panel talk.

People are only as well off as the environment in which they live. And the world around us is constantly growing weaker and sicker as a result of climate change. Extreme weather events and their consequences can take a toll on our health.
This is why the Essen-based paediatrician Dr Dirk Holzinger, member of the German Alliance on Climate Change and Health, will be speaking at BIG BANG HEALTH about the fact that climate protection always means protecting people.
The internist and author Professor Dr. Gustav Dobos will also address the topic of planetary health in a keynote speech.